Bonjour 🌞 I am Stéphanie,
a French Brazilian designer based
in sunny Rio, focused on visual

identities and storytelling.
I have a degree in Anthropology
at UFRJ, and a postgraduate
degree in Photography at Senac
and in Graphic Design at
Miami Ad School.
The combination of these
amazing fields allows me to
work with creativity in a very

empathetic way.
I am currently working
at Granado Rio de Janeiro:
an apothecary founded in 1870,
known today as Brazil's most
traditional perfumery.
On my free time, I like
to work on a project called
Do outro lado da colina
(on the other side of the hill),
which is an unknown place where
you can follow your curiosity and
be amazed by the world with
a ludic enjoyment. 
For adventure plans,